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Electric Bike Pilot


How does it work?

Free Ride is running a pilot e-bike library with thanks to Waka Kotahi - NZTA. 


We want to give our members the opportunity to ride and connect and see if an e-bike might work for them, for recreation, fitness or transport. 

Join our group rides, we'll travel on cyclepaths, trails and safe routes from our Naenae workshop. These rides will be lead by experienced ride leaders, and volunteers. Our ride leaders can give you tips and help you improve your confidence on an e-bike as well as show you some excellent places to ride around Lower Hutt. 
There are a limited amount of bikes and sizes, so please be patient when booking. We have 6  bikes to ride from our Library, but we are also inviting e-bike owners to join us too.  The ride limit is 12 people. 

See below for information about our bikes and how you can join the e-bike library after you've attended three group rides with Free Ride. 

Our Bikes

We have a limited range of bikes available.  Our wonderful ride leaders will fit you for the right bike for you. We will have helmets, high vis gear and kid seats available too. 

Giant Talon

Giant Talon

This is a trail style bike, a hard tail, so not for actual mountain biking, but perfect for the Hutt River Trail.

Mammoth Step through

Mammoth Step through

A great starter model, this has a carrier and stand.

Magnum Step through

Magnum Step through

Great starter bike, with a low bar for easy access.

Melo Yelo Townie

Melo Yelo Townie

This is a great model with stand and carrier, easy access.

Tern - Cargo bike

Tern - Cargo bike

A great hauler of things, children, shopping, tools, etc.

E-Bike Library

Open now!

​This is for members only who have attended 2 group rides with us and have signed a rental agreement. After you've attended your 2 group rides, you'll be eiligible to take one of our bikes out on loan for two weeks. We can fit you out with saddlebags, kid seats, helmets and other gear.  Read the loan conditions here

An overview of the loan process

Bikes will be available to borrow for a 14-day period without charge, and can be picked up from The Free Ride Workshop at 35 Hillary Court between 1-2pm Saturdays.


● You must attend at least 2 group rides with our Pedal Ready instructor to get access to the library, and agree to the terms and conditions that follow. 


● You will need to bring your NZ drivers licence or passport or other NZ ID with you at pick-up, and sign our waiver in person. 


● Allow 30 minutes for bike pick-up and drop off as we’ll need to show you all of the features of the particular bike and let you test ride it before you can take it home.


● Please be aware that Free Ride staff have the option to refuse the loan if we have serious concerns about your safety and skill level.


● When borrowing the bike, we will go through a condition report for the bike and check off the accessories that you are borrowing. When you return the bike, we will go through this checklist to make sure everything has come back in the condition in which it went out.


 ● Many of our bikes are large and unwieldy and difficult to safely transport using a vehicle, so it is easiest to ride the bike home or take it on the train. To get to the Free Ride Workshop you can take public transport, or perhaps a family member can drop you off.


 ● You will need to return the bike at the agreed time, with the battery fully charged before riding to the bike workshop.

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